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Cybersecurity Solutions

Email & Internet Filtering

LGfL (London Grid for Learning) provides MailProtect and SchoolProtect web filtering services managed by MM-ICT Limited to ensure secure management of internal and external traffic within educational institutions. MailProtect safeguards email communications through advanced threat detection and filtering mechanisms, protecting against spam, phishing, and malware. Meanwhile, SchoolProtect web filtering controls access to internet content, promoting safe browsing for students and staff by blocking inappropriate websites and managing content based on educational policies.Together, these services not only enhance cybersecurity but also facilitate safe and productive digital learning environments across schools supported by LGfL and managed by MM-ICT Limited. 

Cybersecurity Solutions

Email & Internet Filtering

Why MailProtect?

MailProtect safeguards your emails from spam, phishing, and malware, ensuring secure communication. Here are several reasons why educational institutions might choose MailProtect:

  • Spam Filtering: Prevents unwanted emails from reaching your inbox, reducing clutter and improving productivity.

  • Phishing Protection: Blocks deceptive emails designed to steal sensitive information, enhancing security against cyber threats.

  • Attachment Scanning: Scans email attachments for potential threats, ensuring safe file downloads and preventing malware infections.

  • Content Filtering: Filters emails based on predefined criteria, allowing control over the types of messages received and enhancing compliance with policies.

  • Encryption: Encrypts sensitive email content to protect it from unauthorized access, maintaining confidentiality and regulatory compliance.

  • Archiving: Stores emails for future reference or compliance purposes, facilitating efficient retrieval and ensuring data retention requirements are met.

Rapid Response

Emergency issues are resolved within 4 hours. Non-emergencies are resolved within 72 hours.

Engineer Call-Outs

Engineers are dispatched when needed at no additional charge.

Proactive Maintenance

We monitor the state of your infrastructure proactively, and provide warnings of devices where failure is imminent.

Apple Support

We support Apple devices such as iPhone/iPad and Mac/MacBook.

Projector Maintenance

We can supply and/or install projector bulbs, perform repairs on your existing projectors, as well as scheduling regular projector cleaning.

Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Maintenance

We can install and maintain a variety of common IWBs, including Promethean, SmartTech, CTouch, and Sahara.

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