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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft 365 for Education is vital for modern educational institutions, offering a suite of tools that enhance teaching, learning, and administration. Microsoft Teams enables seamless communication and collaboration, both in-person and remote. MM-ICT maximizes Microsoft 365 for Education's benefits for schools. Our expertise in implementing and customizing Microsoft solutions integrates the platform seamlessly into existing infrastructures. We provide tailored training for educators and administrators, enhancing productivity and collaboration, and offer ongoing technical support and maintenance, allowing institutions to focus on delivering quality education.

Microsoft 365 Benefits

MM-ICT can help you take advantage of the cloud to unleash new digital workplace and collaboration and communication services that will:

  • Transform how schools engage with external stakeholders such as governors, trustees and parents.

  • Enable schools to tap into a vast array of digital teaching and student management resources.

  • Make it easier for pupils to learn in the classroom and at home, with instant access to productivity tools, lessons, and learning materials.

  • Create best practice hubs where teachers can share resources.

Microsoft 365 Features

  • Teams – classroom chat, video calls and collaboration

  • Outlook – school-wide email and calendar systems

  • OneDrive – store your files securely in the cloud and access them at any time from any device

  • Word – documents that you can share with others and work together on at the same time

  • Excel – spreadsheets with calculation and graphing

  • PowerPoint – create powerful and customisable presentations

  • OneNote – digital note taking

Rapid Response

Emergency issues are resolved within 4 hours. Non-emergencies are resolved within 72 hours.

Engineer Call-Outs

Engineers are dispatched when needed at no additional charge.

Proactive Maintenance

We monitor the state of your infrastructure proactively, and provide warnings of devices where failure is imminent.

Apple Support

We support Apple devices such as iPhone/iPad and Mac/MacBook.

Projector Maintenance

We can supply and/or install projector bulbs, perform repairs on your existing projectors, as well as scheduling regular projector cleaning.

Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Maintenance

We can install and maintain a variety of common IWBs, including Promethean, SmartTech, CTouch, and Sahara.

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