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Connectivity & Networking Solutions


The SoGEA network is vital in today's connected world, serving as the backbone for communication and information exchange. It enables seamless connectivity across devices, data transmission, and supports various applications. MM-ICT can significantly enhance and maintain the SoGEA network. Leveraging our IT expertise, MM-ICT offers tailored services to optimize network performance, ensure security, and enable scalability. From designing robust architectures to integrating emerging technologies like 5G and AI, MM-ICT's solutions ensure the reliability and efficiency of the SoGEA network.

Connectivity & Networking Solutions


Designed specifically to be used alongside a Hosted Phone System, SoGEA is a flexible and robust business solution.

High speed

SoGEA is cheaper than the combined costs of a phone line and traditional Internet package.

Cost Savings

We aim to get you up and running on SoGEA allowing you to take advantage of the faster, more reliable connectivity.

Faster installation

A scalable, agile and cost-effective solutions for businesses and organisation of all sizes.

Built for business

Benefits of SoGEA

Rapid Response

Emergency issues are resolved within 4 hours. Non-emergencies are resolved within 72 hours.

Engineer Call-Outs

Engineers are dispatched when needed at no additional charge.

Proactive Maintenance

We monitor the state of your infrastructure proactively, and provide warnings of devices where failure is imminent.

Apple Support

We support Apple devices such as iPhone/iPad and Mac/MacBook.

Projector Maintenance

We can supply and/or install projector bulbs, perform repairs on your existing projectors, as well as scheduling regular projector cleaning.

Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Maintenance

We can install and maintain a variety of common IWBs, including Promethean, SmartTech, CTouch, and Sahara.

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